We support the development of the pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetic business.

We help companies to find a competitive advantage at every stage of the life cycle of their products through research and analysis of insights coming from local and international markets.

support for the development of the pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetic business

Pharmaceutical and dermocosmetic companies relate with different customer profiles: the patient – consumer of their products – the doctor, the pharmacist and the employees in the dermocosmetics departmentinfluencers or decision makers of patient purchase trial.

This path takes place in a limited commercial window, within which it is necessary for the company to maximize its sales results.

Choosing an appropriate value proposition, a strategic positioning clear and effective and an appropriate communication are essential levers to make the most of every market opportunity.

ATG MEDI collaborates with company management to define:


ATG MEDI works with companies for the evaluation of opportunities and for the definition of the scientific positioning of products.

ATG MEDI supports management in the drafting of launch programs and marketing plans aligned with the strategic priorities of the company.


ATG MEDI provides scientific know how and 30 years of professional experience in the pharmaceutical and dermocosmetic market to create and communicate the value proposition to all stakeholders: patients, doctors, pharmacists, scientific societies and trade associations.