Surveys are important research tools.
ATGMEDI has studied and implemented a surveyindependent, super-partes and in full transparency – to evaluate the support and the information activity offered by midwives to pregnant women with particular attention to breastfeeding, to the hygienic care of the newborn, to the hygiene and prevention of the pre-post partum atrophic striae, to the perineum massage and to the emotional-psychological aspects referred by the new mothers.

The survey brought out the professional figure of the midwife and the role that she plays with women. It enhances also the social commitment of midwive who follows the woman at all stages of her life.

The project, called BO.OST took place in two phases:

PHASE1: administration of a questionnaire from young midwives to new mothers admitted to gynecology wards

PHASE2: presentation of the survey results during the session of the SIGO Congress 2017 and publication of the survey’s results in a scientific journal.

To carry out the BO.OST project were involved 6 graduate midwives temporarily without employment, to whom it was offered a salary as occasional professional consultant.

The whole project is NoProfit and independent even if it has been shared with the National Federation of Italian Midwives.