Professional Meetings are important marketing levers.
The Scientific Dinner  is one of the formats adopted by ATGMEDI in the context of Professional Meetings dedicated to operators in the pharmaceutical sector.

It is a scientific session designed to support pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetic companies that intend to inform groups of professionals on their products in a scientifically correct way.
The Scientific Dinner has a variable format depending on the specific business needs.

The ATGMEDI Team works in synergy with the sponsor company on creative projects that aim to identify the correct communication style and adapt it to the professional training of the interlocutor in target.

The innovative and engaging format adopted by ATGMEDI has strengthened, for years, the credibility of the company brand to numerous professionals, because it allows them to learn, in a correct and ethical way, the different characteristics and mechanisms of action of a pharmaceutical or dermocosmetic product, the way of use and the response to possible objections of the consumer.

ATGMEDI makes use of medical communication professionals to take care of scientific communication also in exhibition materials or in multimedia tools to be used during professional meetings.