The dermo-cosmetic or health-related pharmacological Clinical Trials follow predefined protocols and scientifically congruous paths.

The goal of the ATGMEDI team is to select and propose KOL’s who are reliable and with an undisputed ethical profile;
to propose a preliminary design of the trial that highlights its benefits;
to check that there are all the conditions to have the statistical significance of the results and to monitor the progress of clinical trial in all its phases.

ATGMEDI supervises both the study protocol and the formalities useful for patient safety, from the informed consent, containing the main information about the purpose of the study, expected benefits, known risks and responsibilities of the patient;
follows the strict guidelines for clinical trials on minors and verifies the involvement of the Ethico-Scientific Committees present in all public health facilities.

ATGMEDI finally coordinates and supervises the writing of the clinical trial and adds, if necessary, some researches of photos and graphic documentation for an eventual publication in scientific journal.

All clinical trials coordinated by the ATG MEDI Team put patient safety and the ethical value of research first.