An Advisory Board is the most useful way to receive, from external experts, professional advice and specific indications and knowledge.

It is a qualified support for building and validating projects or activities to be carried out in the pharmaceutical sector, it facilitates innovation and continuous improvement, ensures that the commitment and resources are appropriately and proportionally addressed.

A thorough and constructive collaboration between the company and “super partes” insiders indeed allows to integrate ethics and compliance in business activity, through the comparison of different knowledge and methodologies used for carrying out a health project.

ATGMEDI collaborates for years with qualified KOLs who belong to the health sector and which are known nationally for their professionalism, ethics, competence, experience and influence.

ATGMEDI uses these experts to provide the company with the best knowledge of the pharmaceutical and professional mktg, with the aim of encouraging and supporting new ideas, projects, clinical trials, product development with distinctive and qualified levers.

The activity of the Advisory Board is coordinated directly by ATGMEDI in close collaboration with the company.