We have a consolidated professional experience in the coordination of Scientific Boards and in the management of scientific events.

We create and realize original and innovative projects.

We provide the customer medical-scientific know How and an extensive networking with Key Opinion Leaders and Scientific Societies.


The Advisory Board, or Advisory Committee, is a voluntary Team for consultation and management support. Its opinions are not binding because they are not formal. In the pharmaceutical market it is often identified as Scientific Committee.

Its role. Its task is mainly to offer assistance, advice and support to the organization. In particular, its tasks could be simplified as follows:

  • It gives a third point of view to issues of interest of the organization;
  • It gives advice or opinions on actions identified by management;
  • It suggests new actions or development ideas;
  • It identifies opportunities;
  • It facilitates relations with stakeholders.

The motivations. An Advisory Board is very useful in a launch phase, when the management needs strong and credible institutional and / or scientific partners in a specific area or territory. It is also particularly indicated in the setting up of business positioning and strategy review.

Advice for managing the Advisory Board. The duties of an Advisory Board must be defined upstream by the management, precisely identified and monitored over time. The activities must be planned, monitored and reported on time.

ATG MEDI carries out all the activities necessary for the management of an Advisory Board and is the interface between the Advisory Board and the company management.

One of the marketing levers more widespread and used in the pharmaceutical and dermocosmetic market is the organization of scientific training events for health professionals, who help the company to show and explain its portfolio.
A scientific event must be organized according to the current legislation in the health sector. The organizational structure of a pharmaceutical event, the commitment and the experience in adopting methods and tools of involvement to obtain the maximum of the adhesions of the professionals, is of fundamental importance.

ATG MEDI creates and implements original and innovative scientific projects, thanks to its medical-scientific know-how, its professional experience and extensive networking with Key Opinion Leaders and Scientific Societies.